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  • Really thankful for this program

    "I got to know Whizmeal through the school program. As a parent, we are very concerned about serving right food for our kids at home. We don’t know anything and also don’t know how to teach the maid. Therefore, one of the parents recommend us to this program and we are very happy to sign up. Strongly recommend to all parents."

    Angela Chua on Aug 25, 2022

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    "At first, I thought this service is just about having smart balanced food at home but after engaging them. It was beyond that. The nutritionist went to look at our kitchen and advices on those quick sacks we bought for the kids - not so healthy."

    Musk Fan on Jun 05, 2022

  • Interesting program for domestic helper

    "Maid agency recommended this program and it has been very helpful in managing my maid meal planning and kitchen planning. All maid agency should have this"

    Lee on Jun 22, 2022

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Sustainable cooking is a way of preparing a meal in a way it benefits one's health, environment and, ultimately, the whole planet

What is sustainable home cooking?

Sustainable home cooking is a way of preparing a meal (at home) that benefits your health and/or your family members , environment and the whole planet.

Why is sustainable home cooking important?

Sustainable home cooking changes the way we cook, the way we buy ingredients, the way we prepare the food, what we eat and what we do with the leftovers. Overall, it helps in saving money, time, leading a healthier lifestyle, avoiding overeating and many more.

How can sustainable home cooking help my family?

Cooking from scratch is an excellent family bonding where the kids can learn “soft skills” and also feed the whole family sustainably. 

These are some of the benefits for sustainable home cooking: 

> You prepare your own meal and have more control over the ingredients. 

> You can plan your meal in advance and save money on buying unnecessary ingredients. 

> You cook for yourself and ensure that everyone eat fresh and wholesome meals. 

> Your body health will improve such as look and feel healthier, improve sleep, resilience to stress, and stabilize your weight and mood. 

> Your young kids can learn the concepts of Mathematics and Science. 

> It improves the younger kids fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encourages them to think more creatively. 

> and the list goes on and on…

How can we practice food sustainability at home?

To practice sustainable home cooking can be depending on your lifestyle, where you live, your economic situation, your sustainability goal and your dietary needs. 

Here are some suggestions:

> experience simple home farming such as growing own ginger

> purchase food from local, familiar farms that don't have to be transported from overseas

> reduce food wastage such as using vegetable scraps in soups and stocks

> Adopt a plant-based diet by minimizing consumption of farm-raised fish, meat and diary

> checking labels for sustainably produced items 

> Buy food that are packed using sustainable packaging such as recycled packaging and use reusable shopping bags

Why use sustainable home cooking compared with store bought?

Store bought refers to food items that are commercially made rather than homemade. Processed foods or pre-made meals or takeout tend to be higher in sodium, fat and sugar contents.

By practicing sustainable home cooking, it allows you to have full control on what you should fill your plate with. More cost saving, more nutritious - from sourcing sustainable ingredients, use less energy, waste less food, leave out processed sugar or fatty ingredients.