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Why prep meal is important

So why is design and prep meals important? Meal-prep is the most under-utilised strategy to healthy eating. This can be applied to both baby and adult. Master the skills once and use for the entire lifetime. Below are the WHYs that we have gathered and hope that this section can fundamentally change your perception and start to give yourself an extra push:

1) Save money and eat healthier

When you cook for yourself, you can save your waistline as well as money. You decide on how much to cook and what to buy for the ingredients. Be organized and you won't waste money buying things that you don’t need. Spending a bit more on better ingredients or organic products can benefit greatly essentially leading to a better, healthier lifestyle.  

2) Learn to cook

If you can read, you can cook. Parents and children can get together to have some fun in the kitchen by preparing a variety of dishes with different carbohydrates, proteins and greens using different techniques. Build confidence. Pick up new skills and understand how flavors blend together. 

3) You know what you are eating 

Commercial F&B are profit driven and they will use the “cheapest” ingredients available in the market to cook the meal. Buying cheap ingredients does not mean selling at a lower price. Home cooking allows you to have complete control over the ingredients used such as the amount of salt, sugar, oil, preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners. 

4) Reduce food waste 

Buying a meal gives you the standard portion of what you pay for. Sometimes you can't finish or it might not taste good. Most of the food waste was edible yet it was thrown into the bin. Tonnes of CO2 was produced and it is not great for the environment. When you shop for your ingredients with your shopping list, you are going to eat what you planned and this step will significantly reduce the amount of food you may waste. 

5) Avoid getting bored

Discover the fund in food. Thousands of entertaining YouTube videos, online easy-to-learn recipes, and content-rich library cookbooks are available easily, at your fingertips.


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