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How to get my kids to eat anything (school snack box)

Let’s be honest and face it: you have hit the wall and yet you are not alone. Thousands of Mums and Dads face the same problems and worse on how to get my kids to eat anything. Every parent wants to provide healthy nutritious meals for their children but sometimes it can get really difficult to find a good meal and to satisfy a fussy eater. 

Singapore school meals provide healthy balanced meals for the children at affordable pricing. A healthy balanced meal indeed provides a good balanced nutrition for the child provided that they eat all the food served. Each meal costs between S$1 and S$2, as such only basic food/fruits can be served on the plate. Sometimes, the child may not like the fruit served or the vegetables. The child can get bored with the "same" chicken and "same" dory fillet. Moreover, recess lasts for a short 30 minutes which is too short for digesting a proper meal. Five minutes of walking from classroom to school canteen. Ten minutes for queueing to grab a meal. Basically, a child has less than 15 minutes to finish the meal. Rushed. Panicky? 

Packing snacks from home is one of the traditional solutions but parents have to work part-time or full time. Even a stay-at-home parent struggles occasionally preparing the family meals and snacks for the children. It is not uncommon to find parents unfamiliar with planning a balanced meal. So, what's a balanced meal? What is classified as protein, carbo, and how much is needed for my child? What are the common snack items that a child will like or how shall I start? It is confusing and can consume much more time to learn. (Parents must have an interest too!) 

A plan is needed to manage the mental load together with the child. 

That is why Smart School Meal at Home is here to assist in this journey. 

Smart School Meal at Home using Whizmeal 5-phase program is for families everywhere who are struggling with the process of learning or preparing a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal for the family. 

You can create your own plate by introducing variety first then slowly converting them into a more balanced meal. 

Start designing at your own pace or your building blocks of meal planning that suit your family lifestyle. 

Treat it as a home activity together with your child like a professional chef. 

Let’s imagine one day your child might be the one who plans, shops and cooks their own snack box even a set for you! 

Explore our personalised programme:

> DIY Smart School Meal at Home: Get started in implementing balanced eating habits in ways that fir your family lifestyle by using Whizmeal 5-phase programme. 


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