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Whizmeal 5-phase Programme: Easy, Flexible and Stress-free

Whizmeal 5-phase programme is more than meal planning or a recipe book. You will find a stress free family-friendly recipe, sample of easy to follow weekly meal planning and interesting fun activities for the whole family. Although there might be a certain level of challenging tasks, the whole new approach to planning and introducing new prep family meal, a “how to” guide for parents are very rewarding.  

Embark with us on this adventure to change the way you and your family look at food using our Whizmeal @ Home 5-phase approach: Plan-Educate-Discover-Monitor-Encourage.

Phase 1: Mix and Match

Get started by introducing the “not-normal” together with the normal in a fun, engaging and gentle manner. It takes time and patience to “convince” a child. Bring along a friend for the mix and match season! Example: Introducing a new type of bread instead of the usual cornbread.

Phase 2: Pick and Learn

Educate by building a food relationship using the senses in our organs. Experience and experiment with texture, taste, smell and look into the science of taste. Sharing the story of where the food comes from, how it grows or even grows your own vegetables will build the bonding between your child and food! Example: Read the label, understand the basic such as balanced meal

Phase 3: Discover and Make

Cooking at home or packing meals back can still bring enjoyment of food onto your kids' plate. Bringing joy into mealtimes should be a family favorite phase. Overcome visual resistance, discover new-found enthusiasm for food, be fuelled by fun and more! Example: Introduce to start small baking at home or steaming or marination

Phase 4: Adapt and Grow

Monitor the interests and stick to the habit Observe your kids interests into each ingredient and/or flavour combinations that make them excited even with a little bit of curiosity. Communicate more to bring them closer to the “not-normal” and explore another way of making it more fun that excites them. Example: If the child shown interests in baking, perhap add new friend into the baking process as new item

Phase 5: Lead and Share

Encourage by sharing the experience and experiment with their friends. Organize a small gathering to share their creative journey like how they get to know the food, where it comes from, fun with mix-and-match, taste, texture and flavor. Empower them to lead and inspire others in an adventure and delightment experience. Example: if the child show interests in Korean food, add that into the system


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