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Hi, I’m Mei, the founder of Jackbean Specialty. This is the story about how I came to know Jack Bean.

I am a tea enthusiast who loves trying different kind of teas.  As a working mother with three kids, I have always been health-conscious, careful about my choice of food and beverages.  I used to drink green tea daily until one day, I learned the adverse effect of caffeine on my body.  I was triggered to find alternative.

I love hot tea because of the numerous health benefits it provides. Tea regulates my metabolism, lowers the risk of inflammation, cuts down on my calories, and boosts my blood circulation.

I also love tea because of the soothing effect it offers. After a long day of hard work, a cup of hot tea unwinds my mind and relaxes my body, making me feel fresh and revitalized.

Then, I met Jack bean tea.

Three years ago, a business contact introduced me to this heritage Japanese Tea brand at a tea conference. I was excited to learn that their locally produced Jack Bean tea is not only organic, caffeine-free, but also beneficial for people with health problems (learn more about the amazing health benefits of Jack Bean tea here).

I was given some samples to try out and I fell in love with them immediately.
It removed my bad breath and relieved constipation, a problem that I have been suffering from for years. It had this aroma that calmed me down and uplifted my mood.
I recommended this tea to my friends and relatives with health issues, and their approval was unanimous: the tea has helped them and they really enjoyed it a lot.

Since then, drinking Jack Bean Tea has become a part of my daily routine. However, I've realized that in Singapore, not many people are aware of the existence of this wonderful tea; therefore, I decided to cooperate with the Japanese Company and launch Jackbean Specialty to introduce Jack Bean Tea and related products to our fellow Singaporeans.

Jackbean Specialty is never just a business.

Through Jackbean Specialty, I would like to build a health-conscious community, which embraces a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the seep of this amazing drink.

Mei and the founding team
Jackbean Specialty

Get to know more about Jackbean (Natamame)

Jack Bean Farm Natamame Tamba Japan

What is “Natamame” (Jackbean) ?

The “Jack and the Bean Stalk” story was created based on the Jackbean. The Jackbean shape is as a NATA (agricultural tool shaped as a sword), the village people in Japan call it NATA MAME (bean). Its vines grow to approximately 6 meters (20 ft). The farmers in the region of

Tamba ( 丹波 ), Hyogo, Japan grow Jackbean without any chemical pesticide. We roast the Jackbeans after carefully selecting the best Jackbean. Its taste is well known as "slightly sweet and aromatic, and very easy to drink". We have many customers from Japan and around the world who purchase and enjoy our Jackbean tea.



Harvest of Jack Bean Natamame Tamba Japan
Making of Jack Bean Powder Natamame Tamba Japan

How “Natamame” (Jackbean) is used as folk medicine?

In Tanba area, “Natamame” have been used as folk medicine for pus, abscess as it has drainage and antiphlogistics powder from old times. It has also been used as analeptic medicine. It has been told that it has effect of cleaning body fluid and blood. Particularly it seems condition of various diseases such as pyorrhea, rhinitis, empyema, gingivitis. Wart, hemorrhoids, anal fistula, suppurating eczema, atopic dermatitis, tympanitis, swelling, tonsillitis, gonalgia, arthralgia and so on may be eased. Recently it is told that it is good for normalization of blood pressure, restoration of kidney function, and prevention of hangover and pollenosis.

Summary of “Natamame” (Jackbean)

Formal name: Canavalia gladiata
Nickname: Jackbean named after “Jack and the Beanstalk”
Key element of Jackbean: Urease, Canavanine, Concanavalin A 
Jackbean Tea Key Words: Detoxing, Caffeine-free, Organic, Hot/Cold tea, Water infused

Health Benefit of “Natamame” (Jackbean)

  • Improve and strengthen kidney function naturally
  • Suppress the progression of diabetic
  • Improve hemorrhoids

  • Improve allergy symptoms
  • Improve constipation
  • Prevents and improve swelling
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve empyema
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Improves periodontal disease and alveolar pyralia
  • Diet effect