My family’s health and nutrition questionnaire (On-site)

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Do you have a balanced and healthy lifestyle? Then this health and nutrition questionnaire is for you! With easy-to-implement suggestions and practical guides to stay motivated, this questionnaire will help you identify the family eating pattern, lifestyle, and their goals. Stay fit, healthy, and motivated with this easy to use questionnaire!

What you will learnt in this journey:

A/ Complete an online health and nutrition questionnaire

B/ What does this session include:

  • An online questionnaires (DIY)
  • 60-minutes of meetup consultation
  • 2x Omron body composition (For parents only)
  • A digital report  

C/ Both parents are encouraged to be involved in all sessions. 

D/ Once payment is completed, a consultant will follow up to arrange for the sessions. 

For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to 

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