Healthy balanced meal + "MY" plate (Online): Your guide to a balanced healthy diet

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Many countries have developed their own dietary guidelines to reduce chronic diseases and healthy eating is a growing international concern. However, most countries have similar dietary recommendations but simply present using different graphic design to explain. 

In this session, the importance of healthy balanced meals, local and some international guidelines will be introduced. Food comes in different shapes, densities, packages and units therefore, we will share how to use “your-plate” to be “your-guide”. 

What you will learnt in this journey:

A/ Introducing to healthy balanced meal 

  • Know the importance of healthy balanced meal
  • Know the various type of balanced meal in school canteen
  • Basic guidelines of how to implement balanced meal

B/ What’s the size of plate (Adult and children)

  • Understand the right portions and recommended amounts
  • “Your-plate”, “Your-guide”

C/ What does this session include:

  • An online questionnaire (DIY)
  • 60-minutes of online consultation
  • A digital report 

D/ Both parents are encouraged to be involved in all sessions. 

E/ Parents can prepare some food/fruits for the second session (optional). 

F/ Once payment is completed, a consultant will follow up to arrange for the sessions. 

For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to  

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