Maid cooking class: Homemade pizza (On-site)

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If you’re tired of hearing people say that pizza is not healthy, this program is for you! 

How about making your own pizza at home? In this course, your maid will learn how to make fresh and delicious pizza at home using simple ingredients. Not only will this help save you money, but you'll also get to try some amazing recipes along the way! 

What your maid will learnt in this journey:

A/ How to make fresh pizza dough

B/ Creative guidelines to make different variety of pizza 

C/ 3 type of Pizza for Beginner:

  • 1x Teriyaki Chicken Pizza
  • 1x Tomato Cheese Pizza
  • 1x Corn Mushroom Pizza

D/ Before scheduling the home cooking session, parents are required to complete a simple online questionnaire for preparation purposes. 

E/ Pricing does not include cost of ingredients and any other kitchen accessories/equipment. Additional charges for assisting to make the purchase.

For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to 

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Benefits Of Our Classes

Learn to make healthy and balanced meals

Our food classes are designed to teach your maid how to make healthy and balanced meals that are perfect for your children's nutritional needs. This will help ensure that your children are getting the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

Save time and effort

With our food classes, you won't have to spend time and effort teaching your maid how to cook healthy meals. We'll take care of everything, so you can focus on other important things.

Improve your maid's cooking skills

Our food classes will help improve your maid's cooking skills and knowledge, which will enable her to prepare a wider variety of healthy meals for your family.


Our food classes are cost-effective and provide a great value for money. You'll get access to high-quality cooking classes that will help improve your maid's skills without breaking the bank.

Personalized service

We offer personalized service to ensure that our food classes meet your unique needs and preferences. We'll work with you to create a customized program that fits your schedule and your family's needs.

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