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DIY SMART School Meal (SG) at Home (Online)

DIY SMART School Meal (SG) at Home (Online)

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Easy. Flexible. Stress-free family balanced meal for home contains checklists, charts and activities. Bringing to you the healthy and balanced school meal to your home! This program teaches you how to get started in implementing balanced eating habits in ways that fit your family lifestyle by using Whizmeal 5-phase program.

What you will learnt in this journey:

A/ Complete an online health and nutrition questionnaires

 B/ Introducing to healthy balanced meal

  • Know the importance of healthy balanced meal
  • Know the various type of balanced meal in school canteen 
  • Basic guidelines of how to implement balanced meal

C/ What’s the size of plate (Adult and children)

  • Understand the right portions and recommended amounts
  • Understand the nutrient density in food group (basic)
  • Create-your-plate using Whizmeal template

D/ Smarter grocery shopper

  • Overcome obstacles and Identify best options in each supermarket department
  • Key points to take note for each food group
  • How to read nutritional labelling to help in making right choices

    E/ Whizmeal 5-phase program : Home-made pizza

    • How to implement Whizmeal 5-phase program at home with your children by making homemade pizza

    For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to  

    Recommended add-on: A 30-day family challenge that identify barriers and benefits to plan into short/long term goal with rewards. Find out more.


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