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Whizmeal : Live a healthier life by taking care of Mother Earth

Smart, Healthy and Sustainable Kitchen (On-site): Get Your Kitchen in Shape

Smart, Healthy and Sustainable Kitchen (On-site): Get Your Kitchen in Shape

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Is it possible for us to run a healthy and sustainable home kitchen? Plan your meals, buy local, store smartly, freeze, preserve and cook everything! Smart, healthy and sustainable kitchen can be an achievable “how-to” for busy parents to start home cooking and help the environment.  

What you will learnt in this journey:

A/ Complete an online family health and nutrition questionnaire

B/ Introducing to healthy balanced meal 

  • Know the importance of healthy balanced meal
  • Know the various type of balanced meal in school canteen
  • Basic guidelines of how to implement balanced meal

C/ What is prep meal and how to get started:

  • Introduction to prep meal planning
  • The 5-steps to prep meal success
  • Kitchen must-haves for prep meal
  • Healthy snacks ideas and recipes

D/ How to practice sustainability in the kitchen

  • Ways you can save the earth in your own kitchen

E/ Pricing does not include cost of ingredients and any other kitchen accessories/equipment. Additional charges for assisting to make the purchase.

F/ Both parents are encouraged to be involved in all sessions. One household can have up to 3 adults. 

G/ Once payment is completed, a consultant will follow up to arrange for the sessions. 

For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to 

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