Ground Sensing Consultation for school canteen matters - Whizmeal : Together we shape a healthier generation

Ground Sensing Consultation for school canteen matters

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Ground sensing consultation is adopting design thinking methodology to understand issues and key objectives/outcomes regarding school canteen matters.

This methodology helps the school management team to make sound decisions on what to do on their journey to a healthier school canteen or how to move forward to the next steps.

A total of 05 x ZOOM online discussion (approx 40 minutes per meeting) will be conducted.

A report will be provided at the end of the 05 x Zoom online discussion. 


WHIZMEAL supports food education in schools through our revolutionary healthy meal ordering platform, consultancy work and outreach programmes for schools and food operators, including individual small-canteen operators.

Our Vision: Making a sustainable healthy ecosystem empowering families, communities and our mother earth

Our Mission: Together, shaping a healthier generation by empowering parent and child with fun, sustainable habits and activities!

The WHIZMEAL Framework aims to inspire multiple stakeholders to come together to make a difference towards healthier knowledge, healthier meal choices and healthier living!