About Whizmeal x School Partnerships

Since 2013, Whizmeal partners with schools and the community to uplift food education across parents and students, with the main aim to reduce childhood obesity. We conduct outreach programmes and design-thinking consultancy for schools, parents and food operators, including small food-stall operators.

Why Whizmeal?

We educate the community-at-large to lead a healthier eating lifestyle. We believe school canteens play an important part of this ecosystem. Together, we can take the first step towards a liveable Mother Earth.

How to take the first step?

Whizmeal is here for our next generation. If you share the same purpose, let's discuss today, tomorrow and the future.

We offer step-by-step programs for Schools. We also personalize programs after we understanding schools' background and needs.

Together, our Whizmeal x School Partnerships can shape a healthier generation!

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