Multi Size Stackable Refrigerator Storage Box

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Color: grey, yellow

Specifications: 7001, 7002, 7003, 7005, 7006, 7007

size of 7001: 32.5*22.5* 15.3 cm (12.79*8.85*6.02 inch), about 7 L

Size of 7002: 32.5*22.5*11 cm (12.79*8.85*4.33 inch), about 4.5 L

Size of 7003: 32.5*22.5*6 .3 cm (12.79*8.85*2.48 inch), about 2 L

Size of 7005: 32.5*17.5*15.3 cm (12.79*6.88*6.02 inch), about 5.1 L

Size of 7006: 32.5*17.5*11 cm (12.79*6.88*4.33 inch), about 3.3 L

Size of 7007: 32.5*17.5*6.3 cm (12.79*6.88*2.48 inch), about 1.5 L



It can be used for organization of fruits, vegetables, eggs, fishes, etc.

Application: can be used in refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, cupboard, drawer,etc.



Timed preservation, record food storage dates, and ensure fresh and healthy eating.

Water leakage with clapboard, separation of dry and wet to prevent rot.

Seal with lid to prevent odor.

transparency food-grade material, food is clear at a glance.

Stackable Lid groove design, space saving.

Simple and modern design