Montessori Pretend Play Pizza Set - Wooden Simulation Mushroom Pizza Toy for 3 Year Old

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Introducing the Montessori Pretend Play Pizza Set--the perfect Little Caesars for your 3 year old! Kids will have a blast slicing and dicing the wooden 'mushroom pizza' with a kid-safe simulated pizza cutter. It's the best way to teach your little one about the food-group fun! Yummo!


🧩 Fun and Educational: Our pizza puzzle not only introduces your child to different vegetables / mushrooms but also enhances their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination as they piece together colorful puzzles. It's a playful way to learn and grow!

🧡 Learn Through Play: Our play food sets offer endless opportunities for educational play. As your child engages in imaginative scenarios, they develop essential life skills such as fine motor coordination, social interaction, and language development. It's a delightful way to encourage early learning!

🌈 Inspire Eco-conscious Values: By providing sustainable play food toys to your child, you're instilling important values of environmental awareness and stewardship from a young age. Together, we can nurture a love for our planet while fostering creativity and joy in their playtime.

Product information:
Ability Training: Parent-child communication
Toy Material: Wooden
Paint Material: environmentally friendly water-based paint

Packing list:
1* Pizza Toy


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