DIY Play for Baby and Toddler: Fun, Interactive and Development Activities (Online)

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Playing with your baby is more than fun and games. DIY play for baby and toddler are trove of ideas that encourage your baby's development and have fun parenting. This program is designed for baby and toddler as it contains an inspiring, age-appropriate activity that stimulate sensory development and brain. Smart tips for enriching the home environment in other ways for baby's learning.

Sensory development activities are anything that will help to stimulate the baby's sense of touch, taste, smell, sight or hearing which promote their cognitive development, language skills and socialization. Through mindful play, it helps to parent to bond with the baby.

This hands-on-program not only helps parents teach babies important concept of colours, shapes, letters and numbers but also tools to keep track of concepts as they are introduced. 

What you will learnt in this journey:

 A/ Baby and Toddler Play:

  • Up to 100 games, activities and exercises for each age and stage and for different development levels. 

B/ What does this on-site session include:

  • An online questionnaires link (DIY)
  • 120-minutes of online consultation 
  • A digital report

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