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Ground Sensing Consultation for school canteen matters

Ground Sensing Consultation for school canteen matters

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Looking to improve your school canteen? Look no further than Ground Sensing Consultants!

Ground sensing consultation is adopting design thinking methodology to understand issues and key objectives/outcomes regarding school canteen matters.

This methodology helps the school management team to make sound decisions on what to do on their journey to a healthier school canteen or how to move forward to the next steps.

A total of 05 x ZOOM online discussion (approx 40 minutes per meeting) will be conducted.

A report will be provided at the end of the 05 x Zoom online discussion. 


Since 2013, WHIZMEALhas been partnering with local schools and community in food education with the aim in reducing childhood obesity. We conduct outreach programmes and consultancy works with school, parents and food operators, including individual small-canteen operators.

Right now, we aim to work with school, corporate, community and individual to lead a healthier lifestyle by taking care of Mother Earth through our easy, flexible and stress-free programs. A small lifestyle changes can have an impact for both yourself and Mother Earth.

The WHIZMEAL Framework aims to inspire multiple stakeholders to come together to make a difference towards healthier knowledge, healthier meal choices and healthier living!

For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to  

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About the Coach

MT is the co-founder of Whizmeal, where she develops an online meal ordering and prep-meal system for school, home and planet. With more than a decade in F&B industry, she is a self-taught inspiring mummy who loves sharing her tips, advices and tried recipes. She lives in Singapore with her three children and husband.

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For any questions, please feel to connect with us via the chat message or email to  

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