Ceramic Sake Set with Warmer

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Large Sake Set with Warmer include 1pc Sake Bottle, 4pc Sake Cups, 1pc Warmer Cup, 1pc Candle Heating Stove
The beautiful sake set is coming with 1pcs carafe, 1 pcs candle stove with warming mug, 4 pcs sake cups.
Perfect for cold sake and warm sake, you like cold sake? Just filled the big bowl with ice and water, it will keep your sake stay cool. When you enjoy sake in cold weather, sake warmer and warming mug will help you keep the sake warm.
Atistic sake set with warmer, outside is textured and the inside is a pale blue. Creative curved lip sake cups designed for convenience drinking. Perfect for sake serving and host guests at home and in restaurant.
This charming black and blue sake set will make your guests have a memorable experience.
Size: sake bottle 180mL, cups 45mL. The wine set is well packed in protective safety foam. When you send it as a gift, do not worry your surprise damage in the delivery.